No photograph or video clip does justice to the vast green vistas that embrace you as you wind your way up through Oribi Gorge. When you arrive at the Hotel you are in for another surprise… The friendly faces that greet you are sincere. We genuinely love what we do, so allow us to spoil you.

Originally a farmhouse on a sugarcane plantation, the main hotel building dates back to the 1890’s. The original farmhouse on the edge of Oribi Gorge was converted into a quaint little hotel, boasting the very essence of old-world hospitality. Although the hotel has undergone major changes in the last decade, some things will never change… You will always be greeted with a heart-warming smile! Under new ownership the hotel has undergone numerous upgrades already with a special new addition coming soon. SO WATCH THIS SPACE ……… With the addition of our new Illy coffee machine we welcome you to pop in and have a cuppa! You won’t be disappointed.

Whatever your reason for visiting, business or leisure, you can look forward to the hues and views of a true country getaway without sacrificing the joys of being pampered.

Home to Wild 5 Adventures, there’s always excitement on your doorstep. Day visitors are always welcome to share in the fun, but pack a suitcase just in case… you may decide to stay.