Arum Hill Lodge

Arum Hill Lodge is situated on the hill top along Currys post Road.

Guests are able to use the Main House as a communal area, play the Large Billiards Table, Watch the communal Television or sit on the Balcony overlooking the two Bass Dams and Endless horizons.

Sunsets from the balcony are breathtaking.  Use the Main House as a meeting point for photos, sundowners and selfies!

Cheryl, the property manager uses the Main kitchen to set up the guest breakfasts in the morning. Come through between 7 – 10:30 am to enjoy your meal while the sun warms the patio.

Arum Hill Lodge is a luxury Bed and Breakfast that offers accommodation for 12 guests.  Our 6 rooms accommodate 2 people each.

We do have blow up mattresses available for those who are bringing little ones with them on their weekend getaways!

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