Umzinyathi is a historically rich region, renowned for its natural beauty. The district is situated in northwest Kwazulu-Natal, bordered by the Midlands in the west, the Drakensberg in the north, and Zululand to the east. The Umzinyathi region bears memories of the wars that swept across South Africa between 1879 and 1902, but its history starts long before this. The legendary King Shaka and the Zulu nation created upheaval among local tribes, the Voortrekkers crossed the mountains to settle on the land, while the British colonists had settled at what was known as ‘Port Natal’, now Durban. What followed was an era of war, as the Zulus, Voortrekkers and British clashed in some of the bloodiest battles in the history of South Africa, shaping the towns and villages of this region. The wars were fought over land and sovereignty, and played out over almost 100 years.