Carnegie Art Gallery


The Carnegie Art Gallery in Newcastle is the only Art Museum in the Northern KwaZulu-Natal region.


The collection includes contemporary paintings, sculpture, ceramics, fibre art, beadwork, weaving and wooden carvings by South Africa’s critically acclaimed artists.


A unique collection of African Art and Craft has also been accumulated.


The building is a National Monument. Architecturally it is in the Victorian Classic Style and all the original features have been retained.   It was built originally as a “Carnegie” Library in l915 and it is situated in the oldest quarter of the town.



Exhibitions: Temporary exhibitions on loan from other galleries in South Africa are regularly held.


Workshops:   Regular workshops on a variety of practical craft and skills are regularly held.


Gallery Shop: Locally produced craft is sold in the well stocked gallery shop.   The wide variety of items for sale include beadwork, gemstones, items made from recycled materials, Isiphethu embroidery hangins, traditional Zulu pots.   Many of these items are the result of workshops held and they have a unique character different to that found in most curio shops.


Isiphethuis one of the workshop projects that has received national and international acclaim and the works produced by the women in this group are in high demand. Examples of their work are on view.


Voortrekker Street (behind Standard Bank), Newcastle


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