A Real Zulu Experience Zululand Eco-Adventures (est. 1995) Tour rural Zululand from Eshowe with a Zulu guide in your own vehicle. Visit schools, crèches and orphanages and meet ordinary Zulu people in the countryside and townships. Visit a market, sangomas, beaders, potters and nyangas concocting medicines.

Daily: 10 to 3 pm. Zulu Village Tour (R595 pp) with Homestay (R795 pp). Weekend Ceremonies: 12 to 5 pm. Zulu weddings, Sangoma Healing, (Sun.) Coming of Age. ( Sat.) (R595 pp).

Starting Venue: Sugar Hill Manor Guesthouse. Also Accommodation: R600 Single. R750 Double. Children under 12 R250. 36 Pearson Ave, Eshowe. Tel. 035 4742894 Cell 0606658833. Email info@eshowe.com Website: www.eshowe.com