The Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust (HACT) is a registered non-profit organisation dedicated to tackling the HIV/AIDS pandemic through holistic, multifaceted and sustainable interventions including prevention, care, community empowerment and community outreach.


Founded in 1990 by the Hillcrest Methodist Church, our geographical focus area is the rural and poverty-torn communities of the Valley of 1000 Hills region of KwaZulu-Natal – one of the epicentres of the HIV/AIDS pandemic with HIV-infection rates of up to 40-60%.

Woza Moya, our well-known onsite craft store, aims to empower and uplift people infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS to become economically self-sufficient through the production of crafts within their own environment. The project’s main aim is to teach craft skills to individuals who are infected/affected by HIV/AIDS through the production and sale of beaded items, ceramics, wirework, crochet work, fabric painting and sewing. Woza Moya provides an income to roughly 300 crafters (includes pottery, beadwork, sewing, crocheting, fabric painting and wirework) who are supported by the funds raised through craft sales. Woza Moya is also the name behind a number of well-publicized art projects, including the Dreams 4 Africa Chair and the World’s First Beaded Suit.


Our on-site plant nursery Izingadi Zethemba (Gardens of Hope), established in 2003, sells mainly indigenous plants and also plant and decorative pots. The nursery provides employment for a team of five staff members who come from the surrounding communities. In addition to creating employment, the nursery also serves the purpose of making our site beautiful, full of life and colour and growth – which is a significant metaphore in a HIV/AIDS setting. It also, along with the craft shop and other initiatives onsite, gives people many reasons to come to Hillcrest AIDS Centre – thereby eliminating any stigma associated with entering our property, as one could be coming for a HIV test, or to buy a plant, or to pick out a necklace.


Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust

26 Old Main Road, Hillcrest

Tel 031 765 5866

Email: wozamoya@hillaids.org.za