Chosen for their exquisite scenery, fine ballooning weather and superb accommodation options. Including World Heritage Sites, Big Five Game Reserves, Pristine Scenery, we have it all!

We have the balloons, venues, experience and professional team to assure your satisfaction.


Your Ballooning Experience

Carried away on a gentle breeze… Under a colourful canopy of hot air to a destination unknown… A really special way with which to celebrate your occasion, be it:

Family Occasion
Gift Voucher

Bucket List
Romantic Date
Team Building Event
Corporate Hospitality
Just The Experience…

We provide Hot Air Ballooning for your occasion.

About Ballooning

We have been flying safely from these fine venues for over 13 years, thus assuring you of the best experience that South African ballooning has to offer. We fly 7 days a week and all year round.

If you would like to learn more about hot air ballooning, we are always willing to answer your questions!


Special prices are given for joining a prebooked balloon ride. We also offer group rates for groups of five or more.

Packages are available offering both accommodation and ballooning (make a weekend of it!).


Your Itinerary


A typical flight:


Meeting time and balloon launch time is linked to sunrise time which changes with the season.

Meet at the designated spot; the crew transports you to the launch site

Enjoy a hot drink whilst photographing the final prep and hot inflation of the balloon

All aboard! Pilot/passenger briefing

AIRBORNE! Fly for about 1 hour

It is warmer up in the air!

The balloon lands; everyone exits the balloon

Guests enjoy a celebratory glass of champagne and take more pics whilst the crew deflate and pack the balloon

Everyone boards the Land Rover for the return trip to the launch site / lodge

Breakfast time!

A certificate is awarded to each guest during breakfast (if included)

Please note that we are willing to help you plan and organise a special occasion or celebration around a balloon ride.