The Mtunzini Residents association was set up in 2003 primarily focusing on improving security in the village. The MRA has however expanded over the years and is now an organisation that represents the wellbeing and best interest of all residents in all aspects of life in Mtunzini.

The Committee of the MRA is elected annually at the AGM by our members and are all volunteers. The basic premise on which the MRA operates is that our combined voices and efforts are likely to achieve more than the voices and actions of individuals.

The sole source of the MRA’s income is from our Members monthly fees, with over 85% of our income spent on paying for enhanced security in the village, making Mtunzini a better place to live, work and play!

We encourage everyone in the village or new to Mtunzini to join the MRA. With every new member, we can look forward to doing more for our village.

The MRA also has a few initiatives in and around the village. We have created 5 Village United clusters, (Business & Tourism, Safety & Security, Environmental, Community Welfare, and Municipal Services) wherein anyone that has a common interest in a specific field can join, to contribute time, knowledge or labour depending on the specific project. The Po- up Garden crew (PUG) that falls under the Environmental cluster is tackling the village and municipal gardens 1 at a time, planning and planting up a storm!

Our latest Initiative is MEPS – the Mtunzini Emergency Paramedic Service. We have set up the Service where we have a fully equipped paramedic in the village to be able to stabilise anyone within minutes of an emergency whilst waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

We love our village, and basically, do anything and everything to maintain this healthy happy place that Mtunzini is for all.