The drivers of the 4th industrial revolution such as the Internet of things and artificial intelligence is riddling through all industries bringing with it efficiencies and effectiveness as well as creating new oppor-tunities. However, these advancements have also left many unemployed since the fields that they have specialised in are no longer relevant. Technology may be able to better replicate some of the more static tasks undertaken by man but what Ai and technology at large cannot replace is our creativity. Human ability to be creative and apply elements of art and aesthetics in our day to day lives makes us unique and will one day be recognised as our ultimate strength.

Creative Arts College is committed to the field of arts. It is essentially who we are as people and as an organisation. Creative Arts College offers 20 different programmes that represents the creative-media and communications sector. The graduates of Creative Arts College have the capacity to lead South Africa towards a better tomorrow through expressions of art which entertains and enlightens.

If art was taken more seriously as a strategic tool to drive positive change and contribute to the economy through revenue generated by its consumption, South Africa could see a shift towards greater and continued development. The South African Film Institute recognises “Creativity” as South Africa’s competitive advantage when competing in the global market place.  

Creative Arts College supports the Art in the Park event because

– We believe it is key instrument to cultivate cohesion through art, since art appreciation has no boundar-ies.

– We believe that this event supports the development of artists young and old and aims to engage emerging artists.

– It allows artist to participate in the economy by doing what they love to do.

– It introduces the general public to art, many of whom may not have participated in a traditional fine art showing.

– It allows some of the most talented artists of South Africa to showcase their works and ultimately sell these prized pieces.

– It allows buyers to acquire a piece of art whilst enjoying the fine selection that this exhibition has to offer.

There are many reasons that make Art in the Park a very special event amongst the many events that South Africa has to offer. I believe it is the event with the most substance. We need to use it more effec-tively to promote art and bring people together.

I would like to wish the organisers well in their endevours and prompt the positive support of the media and all, alike. Let’s work together to ensure the success of this prestigious event. I personally can’t wait to see the new and astounding pieces of art that South Africa’s best are gearing up to present. Whether you are looking to fill up a space on the wall, bring a sense of colour and vibrancies to a room or if you are the discerning buyer looking for a piece of fine art to invest in, Art in the Park is certainly where it’s at.

Staged at KZN Botanical Gardens, Pietermaritzburg, the 2019 event will run from 01 to 05 May 2019 and will be yet another exposition of artistic excellence. 

Show times are as follows: 

Wednesday & Thursday: 10h00 – 20h00 

Friday &Saturday: 10h00-22h00 

Sunday: 09h00 – 16h00