Our very own KZN Shaun Stander is compassionate, well balanced & driven young man who needs your vote to be the next Mr South Africa 2019.

Through 10 months of competing with 49 other guys, public voting, challenges and tasks, Shaun is the only KZN representative left as they announced the Top 20 Finalists. He truly believes that he can win this title and bring it back home. Shaun reaches out to everyone to cast their votes as the public voting counts 30% of the final score. Shaun has a purpose for this title and explains here why your votes do matter.

Shaun started modelling in 1999 and has achieved 73 Titles over the years, such as Mr Africa, Sir King of the Universe, Mr Durban and SA Bachelor Runner-up. He opened his own model school and agency in 2003 where he works on uplifting the youth and teaching them life skills. Shaun also went on to further study Marketing, Fashion Merchandising and Self Development.

Shaun now also instructs group fitness such as Zumba, Aqua and Functional which is just as rewarding because he brings different ages, genders and races together in one area and puts a smile on everyone’s face.

Throughout his life he has always been helping others as seeing the success and smiles in others is the most rewarding. Being crowned the next Mr South Africa 2019 will also help Shaun reach out further for his causes where he can create greater awareness.

His causes that he is standing for really touches his heart because these are all situations that happen on a daily basis in our communities, but have also been experienced first-hand by Shaun himself.

He wants to fight against Bullying (Physical & Cyber), Racism, Abuse. Shaun also wants to further his awareness on health & knowing your true worth in society. He is also going to further work with schools and education to try raise funds for those underprivileged and work on improving knowledge through schooling.

“Allow me the opportunity to be a true ambassador for our country, to help create awareness for men’s and women’s health, as well as work together against gender-based violence. I would like to be a role model to all men and women, all races and sexualities, to inspire unity and empowerment to work towards a greater future. Allow me to be the voice for those afraid to speak up for themselves and to help those individuals to find the confidence to believe they can do it too,” says Shaun.

1. What got you into modelling and how has this played an important role in your life?

 I began modelling when I was 17 as I found it an interesting field to be in as a person learns to develop your confidence and personal development in becoming a greater individual with the opportunity to help others. Through seeing the change it brought in myself as well as others, I opened my own model school and agency. I work on the development of the youth and grow their life skills to also make a difference and become stronger independent individuals.

2. How did you find out about the competition and what did you do when you found out you made it?

 I have followed the competition through the years and saw the call for entrants in August 2018 and knew I needed to submit my entry. I was extremely excited to find out the journey of my dream has now begun.

3. How are you preparing for the comp?

 Hard work and dedication on a daily basis is needed. We were given challenges daily as well as major challenges monthly. These are very much business related as well as community based where we work to bring about change in our community and in people’s lives. We have to bring about positive change in others which was a great honour as I encouraged even more people to join me in reaching out.

4. What is your goal?

 My goal is to be crowned Mr South Africa 2019. This platform will allow me a greater opportunity to reach out further to our country to bring people together and work on developing our beautiful country. I want to help people to the fullest of my ability and further represent South Africa  at the Mr World pageant. I want to show the world that we have an amazing country.

5. What would you like the community to know about you and why should they vote?

 I am very community driven and believe we all have hopes and dreams. Alone I can’t change the world but together we can make a difference. Voting for me to be the next Mr South Africa shows our unity and with winning the title, we can bring a lot more exposure to our charities and community needs. I will be working with schools regarding education, bullying and racism with educating the youth to work together. I am not only reaching out now as a finalist to all charities but I am just continuing my journey that I have been following my whole life.

6. If you win Mr SA, how will you use the title to better yourself and the community?

 With winning the title of Mr South Africa, I would get national as well as international exposure. This will increase the exposure needed for our organizations and communities in need. With the assistance of a great management team as well as wonderful sponsors by my side, we could reach out to a lot more people. We have 3 charities that Mr SA will be supporting which is “SPCA”, “Hannah” a foundation for homeless children and also “Love your Nuts” for male testicular cancer. The honour of being the winner will also allow us to reach out further to other charities or anyone in need. As I develop as an individual I want my country to develop as well.

To vote for Shaun; SMS “MRSA39” to 40439 (R2 per SMS, Free SMS does not count). A person can vote as many times as you like. Show your support and further drop Shaun a message on his social media to show you have voted.  Voting closes on 6 June 2019. The Gala final will be taking place on the 8 June in Camps Bay.

You can also follow Shaun on his journey:

Facebook: Shaun Stander

Instagram: Mobile_Model_Management

Twitter: @managemodel