African Art Centre

Carnegie Art Gallery
October 6, 2017

The Durban African Art Centre Association provides thousands of unemployed artists and craftspeople with opportunities of self-employment and economic upliftment and the ability to earn a sustainable living.

They reach out to some of the poorest communities in KwaZulu-Natal; the youth, rural women, the disabled, the unemployed and persons affected by HIV and AIDS. They have built a reputation for supplying specialised, high quality products hand crafted products. Every purchase made from the African Art Centre provides a sustainable income for more than 1 000 crafters supported by the Centre.

People living in rural communities, especially women shoulder the burden of poverty and are often deprived of benefitting from participating in long term opportunities and profiting from economic growth. The African Art Centre provides creative art and craft skills development training for groups of female and male crafters from rural KwaZulu-Natal. The programmes aim to encourage and nurture works of creativity, originality and of the highest quality and to assist both young and established crafters to become self-supporting by means of pertinent training, mentorship and development and continued evaluation and communication.

African Art Centre have move to 15 Station Drive, Durban

Telephone: +27 31 312 3804/5